Thank you for considering a commission with me! It is such a satisfying experience for everyone–composer, director, performers, and audience–when the music has been composed especially for them. I would love to know what ideas and needs you may have, and discuss how we can make it happen.

My fees are negotiable based on each project, and are comparably reasonable. Depending on the nature of the work to be commissioned, it may take me up to 12 months to complete; though it may take less time, depending on the nature of the composition.

Some things I’ll need to know:
– what is the instrumentation and voicing?
– what is the size of the ensemble?
– what is the difficulty level you expect?
– how long do you want the piece to be?
– is there a theme you would like to incorporate?
– when do you need the manuscripts?
– when and where is the premier?
– what would you like the dedication to say?

Much of the music I write is vocal, and choosing the text is by far the most important step. The resulting music is formed around and inspired by the words. For this reason, I prefer to choose or compose the text myself. However, I will seek your input and approval before selecting any text. Much of the vocal music I have written uses texts which are in the public domain, which is the easiest. If there are copyright issues that need to be addressed, this process can take a long time. It is worth noting that I have secured permission from the estate of 20th century American poet, Donald Justice, to use any of his works to set to music, so if you see something in his catalog that strikes you, let me know!