Symphony No. 1: The Age of Stars

We are living in the Age of Stars, which began shortly after the Big Bang sprang our universe into existence, and the first stars ignited their nuclear furnaces. Cosmologists predict that someday, trillions of years from now, there will be a final star, whose light will fade, plunging our universe into eternal, cold and still darkness. But, what of God? What if all the creation of space, time, matter, and things yet to be discovered, were all part of a divine design? The surely there must be a different end to our story? We are left to wonder. This choral symphony is a reflection of that wonder and amazement of the Age of Stars in which we live.

I. The Big Bang – midi
II. The First Stars – midi
III. Sagittarius A – midi
IV. Helios – midi
V. The Last Star – midi